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Choosing Foods that are Suitable for Dogs. Dog owners are always tempted to share their delicacy which they have been indulging in. Human foods like vegetables and fruits are safe for human but several are unsafe to dogs. Dogs has a different mechanism of digesting foods unlike human beings. Feeding the dogs on the wrong food can cause health problems. There are human foods which can be beneficial to a dog’s health and hence play a role in enhancing joint strength and improve their breathing. The main risk of feeding a dog with almonds is that they can cause its windpipe to block and also have a lot of challenges digesting the same. Salted almonds are most unsafe because they cause water retention which can lead to heart disease. Dogs can eat small amount of bread without spices but will not have any healthy benefits. Cashews can be eaten by dogs but just a small amount of at an occasion. If you decide to feed dogs with cashew nuts, you are increasing the chances that they will suffer from obesity. Feeding your dog with small amounts of cheese might be advisable. Many types of cheese are high in fats, so one needs to be careful. If a dog is intolerant to lactose, it should not be fed with cheese. Feeding a dog with chocolate is plainly wrong. The numerous harmful substances that chocolate has can hinder the metabolic process in dogs. When you feed a dog with chocolate, there are high chances that diarrhea and vomiting might arise. By feeding a dog with a lot of chocolate, irregular heart function might arise.
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Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs but it better to keep away from it. The oils that cinnamon has have been shown to make it irritated. By feeding your dog with cinnamon, its blood sugar is likely to lower which might cause vomiting and increased heart rate. Also if the dogs inhale cinnamon powder can lead to coughing, choking and breathing difficulty.
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Coconut has been shown to be very helpful for dogs. It contains lauric which helps to support the immune system of a dog. The best way to help dogs eliminate flea allergies, heal numerous skin conditions and prevent bad breathe is by feeding them with coconut which has been shown to be very nutritious for the dog. one can give coconut oils and milk. The dog owners need to be careful to prevent the furry on the shell from lodging in the dog’s throat. Corn is the main ingredient found in the dogs’ meals. Intestinal blockage can be caused by cob due is hard to digest it for a dog. Dogs should be fed only with eggs which are fully cooked. Eggs that are cooked are good source of proteins.